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Wine, Great Spirits, Huntsville, AL.

When you want wine at fantastic rates, we are here to fill your needs. We stock all different types of high-end wine from all around the world. Thanks to our massive selection, you'll be able to find the perfect wine for your occasion that will fit your budget.

We offer fantastic discounts to customers that purchase cases of wine as well. We also offer discounts of up to 10% on any 12 bottles of wine or liquor you purchase. We even have chilled wine that you can carry out and enjoy with lunch or dinner!

Our wine is organized by country, in the tradition of Old World wines, and by varietal in the case of New World styles. Our employees are well-versed in wine and it is our pleasure to help you find the bottle you need. We are happy to suggest the perfect pairing or the bottle that is just right for your occasion.
Great Spirits | Huntsville, AL.

Filling Your Special Request

If we don't have the exact bottle of wine you want, be sure to let us know and we will try to fulfill your request. We strive to have the biggest and most diverse selection in Alabama, so let us know how we can always meet your needs.

Quality Wine
  • Case discounts
  • Argentina
  • New Zealand
  • Bordeaux
  • Hungary
  • Fortified wines
  • Washington state
  • Alabama local wines
  • Wedding dinner pairing